Call Blocker App

Call Blocker – The Chinese development team behind the app did a pretty decent job.

The app is pretty decent and does what it’s supposed to, they’ve added some additional features such as backing up your phone and deleting your private data, which I didn’t explore.

Select a number you wish to block and it will send it straight to voicemail. You may also “block” SMS messages, by sending them to the app’s trashbin instead of your SMS inbox.

Things I liked:

When you go to choose numbers you want to block from the call history you can select multiple numbers at the same time.

The unwanted callers are sent straight to voicemail instead of hearing the phone ring as it is with other apps.

It uses your global contact list for when you choose numbers you want to block, so it will allow you to block numbers you have in Skype for example.

Layout is very straight forward, eventhough the Whitelist function is a bit confusing.

Things I didn’t like:

Doesn’t have the more sophisticated call blocking options such as blocking all numbers which come from a certain area code + exchange or blocking all numbers which are not on your contact list.

The App is called “Call blocker” in the Android store, but the icon’s name is “Mobile Manager”
which is sure to make for a frustrating search if you have more than a few icons on your phone.

Everytime the app blocks a call it asks you to select a reply SMS you would like to send to the caller… It would be neat, but only if was opt-in feature, I don’t want this thing coming everytime the app does it’s job.

Removing numbers from the blacklist is not as intuitive as it could have been. Not every android user knows that you have to press and hold the number to remove it, so adding a small delete icon next to the number would have been better.

Blocks incoming calls: YES
Blocks incoming SMS: YES
Blocks caller from reaching your voicemail: NO
Blocks numbers from call history: YES
Blocks numbers from global contacts (such as Skype): YES
Rings once before disconnecting the caller: NO
Block all private numbers option: NO
Block all numbers not in the contacts:  NO
Block all calls from numbers that start with specific digits: NO
Blocks all numbers: NO
Developer: NQ Mobile